Our Repertoire

We focus especially on music from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, i.e. 16th to 18th centuries, but we also perform works by more recent composers.

Extensive opportunities are given to choir members to sing solos. In our first concert at Ewenny Priory, 15 of the 22 singers were involved in solo or ‘verse’ (small ensemble) passages and so the motets and anthems of Byrd, Gibbons, Tomkins, Blow and Purcell are particularly suited to our group. 

Below is a full list of our repertoire in chronological order. 

Repertoire List

Anon.              Make we joy now in this fest
Anon.              Kyrie (Missa de angelis)

Ockeghem      Kyrie (Missa L’homme armé)
Ockeghem      Ave Maria

Josquin           Ave Maria

Henry VIII?   Hélas, Madame

Cornysh          Ah, Robin

Taverner         Dum transisset

Tallis               If ye love me
Tallis               In ieiunio et fletu
Tallis               O nata lux
Tallis               Videte miraculum
Tallis               Hear the voice and prayer (AATB)

Passereau       Il est bel et bon

Parsons          Ave Maria

Sheppard       Gaude, Gaude Maria

Byrd                O Lord, make thy servant Elizabeth
Byrd                Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis (The Great Service)
Byrd                Iustorum animae
Byrd                Terra tremuit
Byrd                Miserere mei
Byrd                5-part Mass (Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei)

Gibbons          O clap your hands
Gibbons          O Lord, in thy wrath
Gibbons          O Lord of hosts (Song 22)
Gibbons          Forth in thy name (Song 34)
Gibbons          Great King of Gods
Gibbons          Praise the Lord, O my soul
Gibbons          Drop, drop slow tears
Gibbons          The silver swan

Morley            Nolo mortem peccatoris
Morley            Out of the deep

Philips            Ascendit Deus

Weelkes          Gloria in excelsis Deo
Weelkes          Hosanna
Weelkes          O Lord, arise
Weelkes          Thule, the period of Cosmography
Weelkes          The Andalusian Merchant

Palestrina       Missa Papae Marcelli (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Agnus Dei)
Palestrina       Canite tuba
Palestrina       Exsultate Deo
Palestrina       Tu es Petrus

Victoria           Caligaverunt oculi mei
Victoria           O vos omnes
Victoria           O magnum mysterium

Lassus             Ave verum

Sweelinck       Laudate Dominum

Gabrieli           Jubilate Deo
Gabrieli           Angelus ad pastors ait

Scheidt            A child is born in Bethlehem

Handl              Pater noster
Lobo                Versa est in luctum

Tomkins         When David heard
Tomkins         My shepherd is the living Lord
Tomkins         O praise the Lord (12-part)

Ramsey           How are the mighty fallen

Ballet               Lute-book Lullaby

Monteverdi    Cantate Domino
Monteverdi     Lasciate mi morire

Allegri             Miserere mei

Croft                God is gone up

Blow                Salvator mundi

Purcell            Let mine eyes run down with tears
Purcell            Funeral sentences
Purcell            Hear my prayer
Purcell            Lord, how long wilt thou be angry?

Purcell            Jehova quam multi sunt hostes mei
Purcell            O Lord God of hosts
Purcell            Remember not, Lord, our offences
Purcell            Since God so tender a regard (TTB)
Purcell            Down will I lie in peace (ATB)

Purcell/Gray To the name that brings salvation

Lotti                 Crucifixus

Buxtehude      Magnificat

Marcello         Thy mercy, Jehovah (TB)

Greene            Lord, let me know mine end

Boyce              O where shall wisdom be found

Handel            Zadok the priest
Handel            My heart is inditing (4 mvts)
Handel            Let thy hand be strengthened (3 mvts)
Handel            The King shall rejoice (5 mvts)

Handel            Surely he hath borne our griefs? (Messiah)
Handel            And he shall purify (Messiah)
Handel            Glory to God & recits (Messiah)
Handel            Hallelujah Chorus (Messiah)

Handel            O first created beam (Samson)
Handel            Let the bright seraphim (Samson)
Handel            Let their celestial concerts (Samson)

Handel            He gave them hailstones (Israel in Egypt)
Handel            He sent a thick darkness (Israel in Egypt)
Handel            He smote all the firstborn (Israel in Egypt)
Handel            But as for his people (Israel in Egypt)
Handel            The rising world (Athalia)

Handel            Dixit Dominus (complete work)

Bach                 Cantata no. 4 ‘Christ lag in todesbanden’
Bach                ‘Lie still’  (St John Passion)
Bach                 Final chorale (St John Passion)
Bach                 Jesu, joy of man’s desiring
Bach                 Motet: ‘Jesu Meine Freude’
Bach                 Motet: ‘Lobet den Herrn’
Bach                 Mein gläubiges Herze (Cantata 68)

Vivaldi             Domine, ad adiuvandum me festina
Vivaldi             Magnificat in G minor

Mozart             Ave verum
Mozart             Credo (Coronation Mass)

Haydn              Kyrie, Credo & Sanctus (Missa in tempore belli)
Haydn              In the beginning (The Creation)
Haydn              Insanae et vanae curae

Schubert          Der Tanz

S. Wesley         In exitu Israel
S.S. Wesley     Ascribe unto the Lord
S.S. Wesley     Praise the Lord, O my soul

Mason/Handel Joy to the world

Mendelssohn  Hear my prayer
Mendelssohn  Verleih uns Frieden
Mendelssohn  Lord, I flee to thee for refuge
Mendelssohn  Lift thine eyes (SSA)

Stanford           Beati quorum via
Stanford           Coelos ascendit hodie
Stanford           Justorum animae
Stanford           For lo, I raise up
Stanford           Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in A major
Stanford           The blue bird

Pearsall             In dulci iubilo
Pearsall             Lay a garland

Franck               Panis Angelicus

Rheinberger     Sanctus (Mass in E flat)
Rheinberger     Abendlied

Vierne                Kyrie, Gloria (Messe Solennelle)

Fauré                 Cantique de Jean Racine

Bruckner          Ave Maria
Bruckner          Christus factus est
Bruckner          Locus iste

Sullivan            The long day closes

Bairstow           Blessed city, heavenly Salem
Bairstow           Let all mortal flesh keep silence

Parry                 Blest pair of sirens
Parry                 I was glad
Parry                 Hear my words, ye people
Parry                 Jerusalem
Parry                 Long since in Egypt’s plenteous land
Parry                 My soul, there is a country

Naylor               Vox dicentis
Walford Davies Psalm 130 (chant)

Wood                Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis (in F, Collegium Regale)

Elgar                  Lux aeterna (‘Nimrod’ arr. Cameron)
Elgar                  My love dwelt in a northern land

V Williams       O taste and see
V Williams       This is the truth

Walton              Set me as a seal

Warlock            Adam lay ybounden
Warlock            Bethlehem Down
Warlock            Benedicamus Domino

Darke                In the bleak midwinter

Howells            Behold, O God our defender
Howells            Take him earth for cherishing
Howells            Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis for St Paul’s

Howells            Te Deum (Collegium Regale)
Howells            Jubilate   (Collegium Regale)
Howells            Magnificat (Collegium Regale)
Howells            A spotless rose

Jackson            For the fruits of all creation (hymn tune – East Acklam)

Hadley              I sing of a maiden

Casals               O vos omnes

Leighton          Lully, lulla

Britten              Festival Te Deum
Britten              Benedictus (Missa Brevis) (SSA)
Britten              Hymn to the virgin
Britten              Advance Democracy

Tippett             Go down Moses
Tippett             By and by

Lloyd Webber Love Divine

Messiaen          O sacrum convivium

Poston               Jesus Christ the apple tree

Rutter                Hymn to the Creator of light
Rutter                Nativity Carol
Rutter                The Lord bless you and keep you
Rutter                Gaelic Blessing
Rutter                Star Carol

Willcocks         Tomorrow shall be our dancing day (arr.)

Gardner            Tomorrow shall be our dancing day

Carter                A maiden most gentle (arr.)

Mathias             A babe is born
Mathias             Make a joyful noise

R. Bennett        Out of your sleep

Farrell               Christ be our light

Pärt                    Magnificat

Hewitt Jones   Lead me, O Lord

Chilcott             Little Jazz Mass (Agnus Dei)

Chilcott             Irish Blessing

Tavener             God is with us
Tavener             Hymn to Athene
Tavener             Hymn to the Mother of God
Tavener             Today the virgin

MacMillan        Data est mihi
MacMillan        O radiant dawn

Lloyd                  Magnificat (Lichfield canticles)

Whitacre           Lux aurumque
Whitacre           Water night
Whitacre           This marriage

Roth                   Sol iustitiae

Piers Kennedy O nata lux

Blackwell          Steal away (arr.)

Gray                   Ego sum lux mundi (God gives us light upon our way)
Gray                   Not in lordly state and splendour
Gray                   My beloved spake
Gray                   Missa ipse promontorium (Benedictus, Agnus Dei)
Gray                   Psalm 2 (chant)

Gray                   Suo Gân (arr.)

Gray                   We wish you a merry Christmas (arr.)

Gray                   Hymn descants / arrangements:

                            The King of love
                            The day thou gavest
                            Jesu, lover of my soul
                            Angel voices ever singing
                            Dear Lord and Father of mankind
                            Gabriel’s Message
                            O come, O come Emmanuel
                            Glorious things of thee are spoken


Solos & duets

Dowland            Flow my tears (S)

Monteverdi       Venite,  venite (SS)
Monteverdi       Tornate, Tornate (TT)
Monteverdi       Si dolce è’l tormento (T)

Humfrey            Hymn to God the Father (T)
Purcell                Sound the trumpet (AA)
Blow                    If I my Celia (C-T, T )
Couperin            Troisième leçon de tenebres

Handel               Thy rebuke & Behold and see (‘Messiah’) (T)
Handel               He was cut off, And thou didst not leave (‘Messiah’) (T)
Handel               The Lord is a man of war from ‘Israel in Egypt’ (BB)
Handel               Total eclipse (Samson)
Bach                    Arioso from St John Passion (B)

Vivaldi                 Laudamus te (SS)
Pergolesi            Stabat Mater (1st mvt. ) (S, C-T)
Mozart                Sull’aria from ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ (SS)
Mozart                Recit & Aria: Or che il dove & Tali e contanti sono
F & S                    An Ill Wind (B)